LEAGUES, tournaments, and more!
Envision Golf is here for fun and competition!

NFL Day (5pm-9pm)  
  • Including our new group deal
  • Starting date Sept. 26th

10 week Fall League Scramble (8 teams)
Starts 4 October- Ends 29 November
· 2 - 6 member teams
· $35 per person per week
· Arrive and practice from 6:00 to 6:30
· Round begins at 6:30
· Individuals interested in joining will be added to teams
· New teams can be added on after the start of season and can catch up on the overall standings by completing all the previous matches within two weeks of joining. Cutoff will be 3 weeks from the date of the event


Beginners Clinic Night 6pm-9pm
  • NBA Game of the Week
  • Including our new group deal 
  • Start Date Oct. 19th 

Thursday Night 1 or 2 Man Best Ball Virtual Pumpkin Tournament
  • 18 hole tournament
  • Runs for 3 weeks from 13 October to 27 October
  • Players can warm up from 6 pm. Round must start at 6:30
  • Compete either as individual or as two person ball
  • Overall standings board will rank results over 3 weeks in October
  • In case of tie, players will replay the front 9 holes until someone wins a hole outright.
  • Weekly winner's pot ($10 per participant.)
  • Overall 1st and 2nd place standings winner announced at end of season

NBA games 7pm 
  • Including our new Group Deal 
*Coming Soon* Date Night Wine & Nine: Just the Greens

College Football Day
  • Including our new Group Deal

NFL Day 
  • Including our new group deal 
  • Starting Sunday Sept. 18th



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Whats your handicap? You must provide your USGA GHIN number or provide proof of handicap from another source. If you don't have a handicap you can get one at Envision Golf by playing 18 holes or by apretiation from our PGA Pro.

Compete at Envision Golf
Compete in leagues, online or in virtual tournaments!
Golf Leagues
Play as a team or individually against others to see how your skills match up in a fun competition with your friends and other locals. Teams can be from 1 to 4 other golfers. We host men’s / mixed / women's leagues during the week. Usually, these will run from 6:00 to 8ish, so feel free to order dinner and drinks with us while you play.
Virtual Tournaments
We will host special tournaments throughout the years. These are designed to be fun-first gatherings but will let you test your skills against others. You can use your handicap after you have it registered with GolfZon. Tournaments cost $30 per person and will most often be a 9 hole match play format. Price includes a $6.00 coupon for food and/or beverages from our bar or kitchen.
Individual prizes are awarded for the best and worst scores for the event
Online Matches
Join others virtually online in ongoing golf competitions. See the other players' shots and compete with them on several courses. Set up your group online matches to compete when it’s convenient and compare results at the end.